Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teaching a child to use sealing wax

I was just about to seal the last of tomorrow's outgoing mail when there was a knock on the door. It was the daughter of one of my neighbors. Angela is 7 and comes by now and then to "play" with Sammy. He isn't wild about kids so there really isn't much playing. It's more like she chases him and tries to pet him and he runs and finally tolerates her for a couple of minutes.

When she saw the wax stick and lighter in my hand, Angela asked what I was doing. I told her and showed her the dried seals I did earlier this evening and a couple of broken seals on mail I'd received and she begged to try it. I had her practice a few times on scrap paper then let her seal the last envelope. Well, she didn't quite seal it as her aim was a tad off and she had a drip or two but hey, for her first attempt it's great! 

She had fun doing it and asked me if she can use my sealing wax on letters to her grandparents. Of course I said yes and she left quite excited. I heard her yelling as she went into her apartment in the next building, "Hey Mom, guess what I got to do!"

I hope her mother isn't upset and doesn't consider it dangerous because with proper supervision a child can learn to use sealing wax and create a very handsome seal. I learned when I was a little older than Angela and a good wax seal is a thing of beauty. Maybe I should go talk to her mother about it, though. :-)

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