Friday, December 21, 2012

No mail today but yesterday....

there were two more Google+ Secret Santa gifts in my postal box. I thought of opening them but instead took them to my mother's house and put them under her tree. Seeing more prettily wrapped packages cheered her substantially. I'm not a lover of Christmas. It isn't so much the holiday that I dislike but the commercialized, idealized consumeristic garbage that surrounds it. Yeah, I know I sound like the Grinch. I'm really not like that for the most part, but years of working retail and studying the roots of holy days and holidays have changed my perspective. I'm all for spending time with family and friends, though, and making others smile any time of the year!

I have a long work shift tomorrow and won't get to see my family for more than a couple of hours at our get together. I'm sad about that but these things happen so I'll deal with it.

I still haven't figured out how to display the mail art I have sitting on my table. I think I'll talk to some of the creative family members I hope to see tomorrow. Maybe one of them will have a brilliant idea.

Have a lovely weekend and a great mail day!


  1. Hope that your long work day flies by quickly and that all the Christmas shoppers will be cheerful. It is amazing just how many shoppers can be grumpy & rude at this time of year, which is really sad.

  2. Jan, until Monday the shoppers were all very nice. But oy, that came to a screeching halt! Many were grumpy again today. I hope this mood passes quickly. :)