Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow! And today's mail

We had snow yesterday! It does happen now and then in this part of Texas but it's been a few years. I stayed home and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" in the afternoon and ate stir fried chicken and vegetables. Later I made oatmeal cookies and Sammy the cat and I snuggled on the couch and fell asleep listening to some lovely music. Several times during the night the power went off but it came back on quickly. Many in our area weren't so fortunate but I think most of the power has been restored by now.

I was concerned about driving to work this morning so I left earlier than usual but the roads were only wet. I had a long shift but checked my PO box after work and found a letter from Jan at Of Bibles, books and letters....

She wrote a very nice dispatch and even sealed the envelope with wax. I'm so excited to hear from someone other than family. I love the letters from my aunt but to get one from Jan just made my day.

Thank you, Jan, and keep an eye open for a reply.

I'm off tomorrow and will make another run to the post office to drop off some letters. I also need to replenish my supply of wax. Finding it locally has proven to be impossible but I hear there's a new store that carries it so I'll most likely check there to see if the rumor is true. ;-)

May your Thursday be full of wonder and your mailbox full of marvels! 

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