Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A very quiet Christmas day for me

I was supposed to go to my mother's house today. She and my stepfather are alone and I wanted to be with them but the weather isn't cooperating. A storm system is upon us and although it's 49 degrees right now, the weather gurus are predicting a very sharp drop in the temperature and perhaps some snow and ice later in the day. There's little chance for accumulation but it could happen and Mom doesn't want me traveling in inclement weather so she asked me to stay home and safe. I reluctantly agreed. So, it's just me and Sammy the cat on this cool and wet Christmas day.

I got to visit with my sons and daughter in law for a bit before they headed back to Austin. They surprised me with the wonderful gift of a Kindle! I haven't transferred the 200 something ebooks I have to the Kindle but will work on that today.

I also need to write some letters and cards so I'll do that and drop them off at the post office after work tomorrow. 

I hope you and yours have a wonderful day. Enjoy whatever you do and stay merry!

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