Thursday, January 23, 2014

LetterMo 2014 - I'm in!

I've been putting off the decision of whether or not to participate in LetterMo this year. I have a lot going on but the biggest issue is my hands. For some time now I've been in a lot of pain with them, my forearms, and shoulders. In fact, that pain is one of the reasons I bombed last year during LetterMo.

For awhile I thought the pain was caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then I started to think the cause might be something else. Finally, when the pain got to the point of keeping me up crying at night, I went to my physician. She diagnosed me with Diabetic Neuropathy and prescribed Lyrica. She suspects I may also have Fibromyalgia but we'll pursue that theory later.

I absolutely detest prescription drugs but as a Diabetic Type 1 I use insulin and some necessary medications and understand that not all are the devil. I wrestled with the Lyrica idea for awhile, about three minutes, but knew that without intervention I was doomed. Not only was I in agony a good deal of the time, I'd gotten to the point of dropping items and a small amount of muscle wasting had begun. I had to do something. It's been a little more than two weeks since starting Lyrica and the relief I've experienced is nothing short of amazing.

I have mild side effects, mainly Vertigo (something I had before Lyrica but that seems to be a bit aggravated by the new medication) and sleepiness not long after taking it. Those have improved in the last week, though. I still hurt at times, most often when I wake in the mornings and in the late evenings, but the pain is nothing compared to what it was. I actually sleep now, better than I have in years. I'm able to hold a book or my Kindle again, I can prepare a meal without discomfort or dropping a pan and best of all, I can write letters again!

I've only written a couple of short letters so far. My handwriting has suffered and I'm working on improving it but if you want to take a chance on me, send me a note or letter to the address on the right side of your screen.

Zeus willing and the creek don't rise I'll succeed at sending you a reply!