Thursday, January 10, 2013

Please Mr. Postman, Night Mail, and outgoing for January 10th

This morning I looked through my stack of mail from yesterday and "Please Read the Letter" by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss started going through my head. I like that song because those two seem an unlikely duo but make magic together. From there I started thinking of other songs about things postal and spent a little time Googling and watching videos/reading lyrics.

There are actually more than I realized and some have nothing to do with letters or mail. Go figure. ;)

Here are a few I thought of or found:

Strawberry Letter 23, by The Brothers Johnson

Box Full of Letters, by Wilco

The Letter, by The Box Tops. Have you heard Joe Cocker sing this song? His rendition is quite different than that of the Box Tops and my favorite.

Please Mr. Postman, by The Marvelettes

The Daily Mail, by Radiohead

and one of my favorite newer tunes, The Night Mail, by New Jackson.

Do you have a favorite song about letters or mail?

I finished my morning relaxation time by watching the documentary "Night Mail", produced in 1936 by the GPO Film Unit. This short film is about the mail train from London to Scotland and satisfied my need for a mail fix, a train fix, and a British fix. I was particularly fascinated by how the mail bags were "grabbed" by a netting assembly without the train stopping or slowing. The efficiency of the men loading and unloading the train and sorting letters was also remarkable.

I sent 6 letters out today and have more to send tomorrow. Thank you to all of you have written me! Each letter, notecard, and postcard brings a genuine smile to my face and we can't have enough of those. I hope my replies bring smiles, also. 


  1. The Marvelettes have ANOTHER amazing postal song called "Twistin' Postman". :D
    Also, on my blog in the top left corner there is a grooveshark thing I added with letter songs to listen to.

    1. Ahh yes, "Twistin' Postman"! There are a lot of songs I didn't include and thanks for the reminder of that one. That song came out the year before I was born, I believe and my dad used to sing it to me.

      And your blog is uber great. ;)

  2. Oh. yes. is my blog.