Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Incoming for January 16th

Today has been a wonderful mail day. On the way home from work, I stopped to check on a friend who recently had surgery. She asked me to get her mail and while doing so I left a little envelope of love. It's for no one in particular, just whoever happens to find it and is brave enough to open it.
I hope the card and my words make the finder's day a little better. Leaving them certainly made mine better. I really enjoy being involved with More Love Letters. If you haven't read about MLL, you really should. It's a very kind and loving endeavor and Hannah, the originator, is correct when she says the world needs more love letters. 

My home mailbox was empty but my post office box contained several letters, an envelope of postcards from PostMuse of Orphaned Postcard Project and a pretty little piece of art from a Google+ friend in Canada. She was de-cluttering and offered up a few pieces to others. The picture and the card are going on my crazy wall.

This evening, after my dinner and a hot bath, I'll sit on the couch and carefully read each letter I received. 

Thank you to all of you who sent me letters. You've made my day so much better!


  1. What a brave thing to do in this day and age. You are lovely. I've seen mail sticking out of boxes like that but they were other people's mail. I want to make mail art for my favorite mail clerk . . . Never mind. LOL.

    How can you wait to read your mail? I often read some of mine in the post office parking lot. :)

    Hope you get all the mail you can handle. Cheers!

    1. Ohhh, mail art for your favorite mail clerk? How wonderful! Tell us more. ;)

      Oh, I don't wait to read it all. I often sit in the parking lot and read one or two. Today, I read one of the letters before I was out of the post office! I carry a letter opener with me for just that purpose. I do manage to save a few for when I'm at home, though. Most of the time.


    2. She likes it so much, so why not give her a little something, right? :)

      LOL. It never occurred to me to have a letter opener in the car. I'm glad you're into deferred gratification, too.

  2. Ditto to what Limner said, especially to waiting to open your mail. I don't have that much will-power and HAVE to open it ASAP. If our mailman delivers it as I'm on my way out, I take it with me to open and read at each stop. I even keep one of those plastic knives from a fast food place in my car so I can open the envelopes easily. :-)

    1. Jan! LOL! I use the thinnest key on my keychain in a pinch, the edge of a stiff postcard if I get one that day, or my Swiss army knife if I remember to put it back in my bag.

    2. Letter junkies, we're all letter junkies! ;P You two are hilarious!