Friday, January 18, 2013

Item number one from the tin box - a photo of my grandmother

Going through the tin box has been difficult for several reasons, most of which are personal in nature. But another reason is that it contains photos of people and places I don't know and there's no one left to help me identify them. I have this need to know who these people and places are and thinking it might not happen makes me very sad.

However, I do know the people in some of the photos so I'll start with those.

This first photo is of my grandmother, Letitia, and other women. Grandma is about 16 in this photo and is the shortest one on the far left of the line of ladies.  I don't know who the other women are but perhaps they're school friends. The back of the photo says:

"Sept. 19, 1917
The day Thomas left Winterset for Camp Dodge."

Thomas was my grandmother's brother. If I ever met him I don't remember but I do remember his name being mentioned in conversations. 

I love this picture. The dresses, the hair, the way the ladies are standing - it's just full of goodness for me.

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