Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How odd...I met a pen maker on National Handwriting Day!

Today, in honor of National Handwriting Day, I used my neatest and most elaborate penmanship to mark cups. Most of my customers were surprised to see the ornate script and more than a few asked where I learned to write in such a way. When I told them I learned it in elementary school they seemed a bit puzzled, even the older customers. It never entered my mind that the trend of lessening the importance of cursive writing isn't a new one but one that's been around awhile, at least in certain areas. Quite a few people around my age, 50, didn't learn cursive or if they did, it was a barely touched upon subject. They find printing to be easier and don't see the appeal of cursive. I confess that too often when I write a letter, especially a longer one, I don't take enough care to make my letters as well formed and graceful as I should. I get lazy and I'm going to try to improve that but it seems that I think in cursive and it comes quite naturally to me.

One of my customers today was an older gentleman who ordered a cup of brewed coffee and sat down at a table, pen and writing tablet before him. The morning was slow and as I cleaned the tables around him we got into a discussion about writing and how so many people don't send letters and cards now. It turns out he lives in a town not too far from me and makes pens! The pen he used was a bolt action bullet pen. It was very cool, indeed. We discussed his pen making shop and website and before long his wife showed up and let me try out the three pens she had in her purse. Each of them was nice and wrote well but I preferred the feel of the Art Deco pen as far as hand feel and weight. He even makes fountain pens and uses rosewood on request. Be still my rosewood fountain pen loving heart! I chatted with Mr. and Mrs. Moore for awhile and they invited me to visit their studio and said maybe when I visit they'll help me make my own pen. How cool is that, folks?? You can bet I plan to visit their studio soon. I really can't think of a lovelier way to spend a few hours. Mr. Moore told me that the prices for his pens are now lower than the website shows so if you find one there you like, I encourage you to contact him for current pricing.

Oh, and today I found some great deals in Target's One Spot. I bought several packages of note card sets for $1. Most contain 8 cards and envelopes but some have 10 of each. A couple of them are red and perfect for Valentine's Day and all are just plain every day cute! They also had packages of acid-free papers for $1 so I got a couple of those. With LetterMo right around the corner, it doesn't hurt to have a nice stash of inexpensive note card sets and papers so if you need some more note cards check your local Target.

I've decided to wait until Friday to go again to the post office but my home mail brought me some goodies. I received the copy of "Stolen Sharpie Revolution" I recently bought and my order of stationery, postcards, and a pen from Missive Maven's Etsy shop. The postcards are wonderful and now I wish I'd ordered more!

Have a wonderful evening and I wish you the best of mail tomorrow!


  1. I love my copy of SSR. I've read it and re-read it and finally started piecing together my first zine!

    BTW, I received your card. A parcel will be on its way in response on Sunday (or Wednesday at the latest). :)

    1. I haven't finished SSR yet but am working on it. I have a lot going on right now but make a bit of time each day to read a little of it. So far, I love it!

      Can't wait to hear from you again, T!