Friday, January 4, 2013

LetterMo, my father the postman, and Kevin Costner

Yesterday, I finished making my list of folks to send to during LetterMo. It looks as though I'll be sending a lot more than 23 pieces of mail and I'm okay with that. Hopefully I'll have a good response rate and the more mail sent and received, the better.

On Pinterest last night I saw a vintage photo of a mail carrier. I thought it looked familiar but couldn't place it so I clicked and lo and behold it led to Delivering the Mail, a short but lovely photographic recap of how mail delivery used to be. I had that bookmarked a few years ago but lost it in a crash. Rediscovering it was a wonderful end to my evening.

Speaking of vintage and postal, my father was a postman. He started working for the postal service in Dallas soon after we moved there in 1962 and took medical retirement sometime around 1982. I grew up seeing him in his blue uniform, carrying the then common leather mail bag. When he came home in the afternoons, the bag was usually empty but if it held a surprise for me, he'd plop the leather bundle on the living room floor, inviting me to look through it. Sometimes I'd find a piece of candy or a small toy and on special occasions a postcard or bookmark. To this day, I can't see a leather mail bag without wondering what's in it!

On top of Daddy's chest of drawers was a collection of paper clips, thumb tacks, pens, pencil stubs, stamps, and rubber thumb covers. Remember those thumb covers? They weren't the very thin kind you find now in office supply stores. They were thick and didn't easily fold or roll. There was always a stack of three or four of them, discolored and worn from use, ready to grab as he headed out the door before the sun rose. He would occasionally let me play with them and I remember well thinking they smelled not like rubber but like paper, ink, and the adventures of some kind of hero.

Yes, its no surprise I'm a mail loving gal. I have "The Postman", one of my favorite films, sitting by my television and this evening Sammy and I will curl up on the couch and watch it. He'll purr with contentment to be toasty warm on the down comforter and I'll purr with contentment to see Costner and crew bringing hope through precious letters. There's no doubt I'll think of my dad several times as I watch the movie and there's also no doubt I'll be thankful letter carriers still deliver hope. 

Just Friday morning ramblings, my friends. I hope your day is full of smiles and your mailbox is full of goodies!


  1. Denise I love the story of your dad. What a great memory you have of him!

  2. Thanks, Carol. Every time I see a carrier in uniform I think of my dad. :)

  3. I could just hug you! First, a nice read that made me smile. I'd hug you extra hard for liking the Costner movie. You are the only person I have crossed paths with who likes "The Postman" and isn't ashamed to admit it.i watch it every time I know it's on. Mail is a sign of civilization. :) and the person who upholds the postal oath has a special place in my heart. That movie makes me weep and smile.

    Did your dad have shoulder problems? Just asking makes me wince. And all the walking he must have done. Your dad made so many people happy. Our dog used to chase the mail truck. When I expect something I've mail ordered and it's late, I want to chase our mail truck as I sing, "please mister postman look and see . . ." LOL!

    1. Limner, awww that's so sweet! I'm not at all ashamed to admit I love that film. In fact, I'll shout it from the rooftops. Oh wait, I did (sort of) with this entry. ;) I smile, laugh, and definitely cry my way through it.

      You know, the hero could have been any delivery person...the milk man (how quaint that would have been!) or the guy who brings Little Debbie treats! But no, he took the form of a man delivering hope and as you say, civilization, through mail. How wonderful is that?

      My dad did have some shoulder problems after he'd been at it many years. He also developed some back and knee issues. He kept at it, though, until serious vision problems forced him into surgery and retirement. Years later, he still missed his job!

      Ahhh, you sound so like me...a true lover of all things mail! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. :)