Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vacation begins, an exciting week ahead, but oh yeah, I'll still write.

Today is the first of 10 days vacation. Ahhh, the relaxation, the joy!

A friend came over this morning and surprised me with a late Christmas gift of a lovely tea/coffee pot, 4 cups, and saucers.

She knows me so well. Cats and tea/coffee sets are among my favorite things. We drank our coffee from two of the cups (which is why there are only two in the photo) and enjoyed a bit of time together before my sister and I head to Galveston Island tomorrow. It's about a 4 hour drive and I don't relish that but we're in no rush and plan to stop anywhere and everywhere we want along the way.

Of course, I'm taking along a box with postcards, note cards, washi tape, pens, stamps, and such and will spend an evening or two writing. 

While the primary purpose of the trip is to get my sister's rental ready for the upcoming season, vacation for me is for rest and relaxation and I plan to get plenty of both after mornings of work. We'll also do quite a bit of sightseeing.

Galveston Island is a beautiful and fascinating place with a rich history. Back in the late 80s/early 90s I lived in nearby Texas City and while it was the pits of this amazing state, the Island was a different matter. I was very broke and had young children and didn't get to spend much time in Galveston and haven't been back since moving away so I plan to make up for lost time. 

Moody Gardens is on my list of places to go, along with The Strand and The Rosenberg Library and its museum. Of course, I also want to ride the ferry. I did that a couple of times when I lived in the area but that was so long ago. I want to experience that again, hoping to see jumping porpoises. And then there are the tree sculptures to see! Last but definitely not least, Galveston Restaurant Week is happening! For two foodies like us that's heaven! 

All in all, it should be a fabulous week spent with one of my best friends who happens to also be one of my sisters. :-) 

Until next time!

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