Friday, January 8, 2016

V is for Victory....

I ordered several of these for letter writing during February.

This is an original V-mail form and to say my heart did a flip flop when I opened the package is nothing short of a horrible understatement.

V is for Valentine. ;-)


  1. Hi Denise, I'm popping over from the LetterMo site. I'll post something off to you soon. Last year I averaged one mail item per day for the whole year but this year I am not going to be that ambitious. Hope you receive some lovely post.

    1. Tracy, thanks for coming here and leaving the comment! I can't wait to hear from you. My goals are fairly simple this year - to not give up on writing, even when my hands are hurting, and to simply send out at least three pieces of mail a month, except for during LetterMo. So far I'm doing fine. :-)