Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Incoming for February 5th

Wow, just wow! I stopped at the post office on the way to work yesterday and my box was literally stuffed! As I pulled things out of it, I heard one of the workers in the back say, "Oh good, she's getting her stuff." I have to admit I giggled a little. I pulled out 16 letters and a key to one of the larger boxes which contained 2 parcels. Some of them were from LetterMo folks I'd not heard from before and several were from readers of the blog.

I took all the goodies to work with me and again, since I was there early, I read some of the letters while sitting at a table drinking an iced Americano. Two of my co-workers said something like, "Okay,  I have to get in on this. I want letters, too!" Several others walked by and stopped to oooh and aaah over pretty envelopes, postcards, and stationery. Even a few customers had questions and said they'll check out LetterMo. TMC, I really do feel like the Pied Piper of letter writing! ;)

So here you go, a photo of yesterday's incoming. Today I'm sending out just two letters but there should be many more going out in the next few days since I've taken several days off work and plan to get caught up.

Y'all are just nine kinds of awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! This afternoon I'll post more about what I got yesterday. :-)

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  1. Very cool. It's so exciting to get that many letters at once. :)